• Easily Optimize your Marketing & Sales Operations

    On-Demand access to all your Retail Universe information
  • All your Sales & Marketing information on Interactive Maps

    Getting clear visibility of your retail universe composition has never been easier before
  • Sales Analytics, Forecasts, Marketing and Sales Activities

    Easy access on Mobile devices. Enabling Decision Support on the move
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  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Interactive GIS
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Implementation
Define your own Qualitative Criteria for your retail outlets
Qualitative Custom Criteria
Each outlet is tagged in a specific Qualitative & Quantitative catagory
Qualitative Retail Segments
Easy selection of outlets using comprehensive filtering
Qualitative Filteration
Rank each individual outlet based on average sales performance
Quantitative Ranking
Our system can integrate with your existing sales systems
Quantitative Integration
View all your Key Sales Indicators on maps and dashboards
Quantitative Dashboards
View outlets, events, venues and much more on maps
GIS Interactive
Analyze and optimize your distribution network and logistics
GIS Network
Identify potential areas of interest for marketing activities
GIS Data Display
Updated Sales Forecast-Target vs. Actual vs. Forecasted
Predictive Time Series
Automatic clustering and regression analysis on outlets
Predictive Clustering
Identification of trends in retail universe growth
Predictive Trends
Optimaken comes with a full implementation plan
Implementation Planning
Comprehensive training materials for your teams to ensure success
Implementation Training
Dedicated project implementation support resources
Implementation Support
  • Analytics
  • Scalability
  • Mobility
Interactive Reports
Explanatory reports help you drill down into your data to find underlying factors effecting your business dynamics
Technical Structure
Highly scalable. Regardless of the number of users or records, you will never have to worry about infrastructure
Access your reports and data entry anywhere. Multiple layers of security to ensure data security
Optimaken is a tightly integrated with Geographical Information System See Details
  • Geo-Tagging centric +

    All of Optimaken's data can be geo-tagged to give a visual representation on real-time maps
  • GIS Analytics +

    Optimaken supports strong GIS analytics with an easy to use interface so that you can optimize your distribution networks easily
  • GIS enable mobile app +

    Several GIS features are supported by our mobile app to ensure you have the capability while in field
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