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    Easy access on Mobile devices. Enabling Decision Support on the move
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Data enabling your Sales & Marketing

Analyse - Collaborate - Execute - Optimize
Outlets Info Fresh Data

Access to retail universe census, collected by our field force

Secure web interface accessible from anywhere

Advance filtering and searching

Export data for planning and further analysis

Visibility of all marketing activities in your retail universe

Central Events and locations Database

Planning and scheduling of marketing activities

Collaborate with Field Force for activities

Analysis & Insights

Sales and Marketing KPI reporting

Report Dashboards for all levels of management

Available on mobile and web browser

Realtime insights to support decision making

Optimaken for Sales & Marketing

Enabling your strategy and execution teams to make the right decisions


Geographical Information System

All your data on Maps

See population density, merchandising deployment, routes on maps for clarity
  • Analytics
  • Scalability
  • Mobility
Easy to use Explanatory & Exploratory Reports
Several pre-configured reports to choose from
Save and share reports with your teams
Zero technology overheads required
Automatically adjusts to your system needs
Record implementation turn-around time
Take your data everywhere-It's Secure
Mobile Business Dashboards
Easy Data Capturing using our App
Optimaken is a tightly integrated with Geographical Information System See Details

Mobile based Market Survey Applications

Automated identification & data entry of Retail outlet features
For Field Force

Easily capture Retail Market Survey Data

Capture merchandising, brand handling, sales orders in real-time

Secure access to servers, multiple roles for end-users

Collaborate and communicate with your field force

Get real time survey reports and analysis

Stay up-to-date with progress on marketing and promotional activities

See how your field teams are deployed in the market

View historical movement of teams and activities


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